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Totally turn key – get back to business far faster than you ever thought possible! Starwall Ontario can install your demountable walls in less than half the time as traditional drywall construction would take – and you end up with an office space far superior in aesthetics and adaptability.

I am quite impressed with these walls. The install is quick with very little clean-up. The walls are insulated well so very little sound travels through. There is a nice selection of wall finishes to choose from or you can paint them as another option. The door options to choose from really complete each room nicely and gives it a professional look. From install to completion, these walls, in my opinion, are a great choice. With an ever-changing office environment, I really like the Starwall system. The fact that you can remove them as easily as you put them up, no holes to fill or carpet replacement required, it’s a stylish and practical solution for an expanding office environment

Barb King, Home Hardware Stores Limited

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