Glass wall systems with
form + functionality

Discover the versatility of Starwall systems

Starwall glass system with wood veneer panels

Discover the vast selection of options,
styles and accessories

Built to inspire architects + designers
Full height aluminum frame sliding glass door with soft open and close feature.

Starwall inspires designers + architects

Create a spectacular
and modern workplace
Two men installing Starwall integrated wall systems

Contractors, property owners and tenants agree

Cleaner installation equals less disruption
Shown in all glass

Add acoustics, resin, wood, dry erase glassboard and living moss

Integrate other panel materials for unlimited creativity

Versatile + modern
wall systems.

Starwall will unleash your creativity.

Architects and Designers can create spaces entirely in classic glass, or integrate architectural products like custom ezoBord™ acoustic panels, Lumicor resin panels, Quiet Earth™ living moss or Clarus™ dry erase glassboards. Download the free Starwall Design Book and Specifications Deck for more information.

Starwall design books

The future of the open concept office.

Starwall is the solution for the changing workplace.


–  Ron Haynes, D9 Studio

Start with glass. Stop at nothing.

Glass is a timeless element. But with Starwall systems, your creativity can expand beyond.

Starwall has been built to allow for integration with leading architectural brands like ezoBoard™, Clarus™, Lumicor™, and Quiet Earth Moss™. Additionally, Starwall can be treated with Aegis Microbe Shield® to add a layer of continuous surface protection that prevents the future growth of microbes.

So put on your creative hat and bring Starwall your ideas.

ezoBoard™, Clarus™, Lumicor™, and Quiet Earth Moss™ inserts can all be used with Starwall Integrated wall systems


– Dennis Freund, Go2 Group

Modern design + clean installation.

Compared to traditional construction, Starwall installations are cleaner and faster.

Choose from a variety of architectural panel materials that go beyond classic glass. Starwall has a wide palette of door styles, pull handles and metal finishes. When it’s time install, Starwall is a favourite among Contractors, Office Furniture Dealers, Property Owners and Office Tenants due to its clean and efficient installation.

Installation of Starwall gets five stars.

Typically, Starwall systems take 4-6 weeks to go from planning to installation, compared to traditional wall solutions that take 8-12 weeks.

Choose your wall system style and finish

Illustration of two men installing integrated glass wall system

Design with glass or architectural panels

Illustration of two men adding ezoBord panel to Integrated Glass Wall System

Customize your doors, pulls and accessories

Illustration of man adding door knob to integrated glass wall system

Consider benefits of physical distancing

Illustration of antimicrobial glass being added to a desk as a desk screen

Starwall installs much cleaner and faster than traditional wall systems, resulting in less mess, office disruption and downtime.