Unlimited options +
design versatility.

Great design evolves from the flexibility of Starwall’s glass wall system.

If you’re an Architect or Designer looking for more flexibility in a glass wall system, discover Starwall. Unleash your limitations with the ability to customize your wall system through the integration of acoustic panels, resin architectural panels, wood veneers, living moss or dry erase glassboards. Starwall has been uniquely designed to integrate custom architectural brands like ezoBord™, Clarus™, Lumicor™ and Quiet Earth Moss™ to ensure quality, fit, changing specifications and customization.

Endless Versatility

Custom architectural panels from brands like ezoBord™, Clarus™, Quiet Earth Moss™ and Lumicor™ can be integrated into Starwalls glass wall systems, allowing you to design office spaces without limitation.

Custom ezoBord™ Acoustics

Option # 28

Custom coloured ezoBord™, ezo-on-ezo pattern.

Custom ezoBord™ acoustic panels

Option # 43

Custom colour ezoBord™ ezo-0n-ezo (tone on tone) acoustic panel

Clarus™ Dry Erase Glassboards

Option # 86

Floor to ceiling collaboration panel using a white Clarus™ dry erase glassboard panel insert.

Resin Architectural Panel by Lumicor™

Option # 14

Lumicor™ resin architectural panels add unique styling.

Custom ezoBord™ backed by Glass

Option # 147

Glass-backed, custom cut ezoBord™ acoustic panel.

Quiet Earth Moss™ green acoustics

Option # 78

Customized Quiet Earth Moss™ living living panel inserts brings green space to the workspace.

Design without limits.

Does it feel like the walls are closing in on your creativity? Open your mind, and discover Starwall.

Flexibility is key to broadening the design spectrum for architects and designers. Starwall systems allow you to create just about any solution you can dream of. Learn more about how to create amazing workspaces using some of the following brands:

Clean installation.
Many choices of all-glass systems.

Illustration of two men installing integrated glass wall system

Architectural panels. 
Replace glass for acoustics, wood, and much more.

Illustration of two men adding ezoBord panel to Integrated Glass Wall System

Options and accessories.
Personalize your wall system with seemingly endless choices.

Illustration of man adding door knob to integrated glass wall system

Physical distancing.
Be more separated but feel like you’re together.

Illustration of antimicrobial glass being added to a desk as a desk screen

Go beyond glass.

Design spaces in classic glass, or integrate custom ezoBord acoustic panels, Lumicor resin panels, Quiet Earth Moss living walls, Clarus dry erase glassboards and much more.

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