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Classic Walls

Options Galore!

Starwall Classic Demountable walls offer our widest range of configurations, and finishes available.  Modulate your walls vertically and horizontally to meet your design tastes then finish with materials to enhance your space from a variety of glass finishes to woodgrain laminate and painted drywall solid panels, Starwall Classic has a solution to meet your design vision as well as your budget.    Let us help to add some excitement to your interior walls!

Classic Center Mount Walls

Sleek Glazing Solution!

Looking for an all glass solution with a low-profile frame system?  Starwall Classic Center mount is your answer.  Incorporating 10mm and 12mm butt joined tempered glass into our low-profile rectilinear frames, Classic Center Mount wall solutions provide optimized sightlines for the modern office environment.  Classic Center mount is also the ideal solution to create a unique segmented glass feature wall.  Are you looking to create a space with clean sightlines and a modern feel?  Let us help with Starwall Classic Center Mount walls.

Vision Walls

Glass, Glass, and More Glass!

Starwall Vision glass walls provide a full height economical glass wall solution to create separation within your space without loosing the flow of natural light or reducing sightlines.  Starwall Vision’s base and ceiling track are uniquely designed to incorporate sliding door rails to help manage costs and provide integrated functionality.


Add some bling to your walls!

We make outfitting your Starwall walls with a multitude of accessories extremely easy.  From door handles and hardware to writable glass boards and acoustic solutions, we can add design and functional components to create extremely high-performance walls within your space.  Let’s chat to see how we can add some excitement to your walls.

Acoustic Solutions

Will your new walls fall a bit short (of the ceiling)? Consider topping them off with an ezoBord acoustic net.

Starwall has developed a unique relationship with ezoBord and offers a wide variety of acoustic solutions to compliment our wall products.  If your walls fall a bit short of the ceiling, we can add an acoustic net or baffle system to help absorb some of the sound traveling into and out of the top of your rooms.  We can also integrate ezoBord directly into or onto your Starwall walls to help reduce reverberation and control sound within your space.  Ask our inhouse experts how your space could benefit from adding some ezoBord

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