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Turn Key Office Solutions

Totally Turn Key

No Hassle, No Delays, No Worries, No Mess. (No Kidding)

Get back to business far faster than you ever thought possible! Starwall Ontario can install your demountable walls in less than half the time traditional drywall construction would take – and you end up with an office space far superior in aesthetics and adaptability (but with very little difference in cost). Also don’t forget to inquire about furnishings and acoustics to create a truly turnkey solution.

New Space?

Designed to support the flexibility needs of today’s businesses, large and small, Starwall systems are growing rapidly in popularity among designers and architects of ‘high performance buildings’ and ‘smart’ office spaces that combine high functionality and value with low environmental impact and life-cycle costs.


If yours is a dynamic, ever-evolving business (and what business isn’t?), you can bet this won’t be the last time you need to remodel your office space. Beyond their ‘first cost’ affordability, Starwall systems will save your business time and money down the road. Our unique, patented product design allows for changes in height, configuration, materials and finishes with minimal interruption, downtime or trade labor.

Starwall Finance

Starwall Leasing

The Starwall Group is proud to introduce an affordable new way for tenants and building owners across Canada to enjoy a modern new office space.  Starwall Leasing assists you in obtaining the office you want, at an affordable monthly cost.  Whether you are a new tech start-up seeking VC investments or a fortune 500 looking to impress potential clients, keep in mind that you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Let Starwall Finance support you in making that first impression a memorable one.

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